Philosophy Tea: Martha Nussbaum, The Monarchy of Fear

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This spring Professor Peter Wallensteen and Lecturer Daniel Ogden will continue their popular Philosophy Tea talks.

Tuesday February 2nd – Martha Nussbaum, The Monarchy of Fear

In our first Philosophy Tea we discuss a recent work by celebrated American philosopher, Martha C. Nussbaum (b. 1947). Her book The Monarchy of Fear from 2018 is not only an engaging reaction to the Trump presidency but also a way of synthesizing many of her insights into the role of emotions in society. Thus the book discusses the origins and impact of fear and blame on anger, disgust and envy. These are emotions that politicians can appeal to, with disastrous results, not the least for those discriminated against and marginalized in the US. They form the basis for continued racism, anti-gay sentiments, sexism and misogyny. Despite the power of these negative emotions, Nussbaum still sees a chance for hope and love.


Daniel Ogden is a researcher and teacher of utopian ideas, for many years at Uppsala University and now at Mälardalen University.

Peter Wallensteen was the first holder of the Dag Hammarskjöld Chair in Peace and Conflict Research (1985-2012) and is now Senior Professor at Uppsala University.

Each Philosophy Tea lasts one hour. The sessions are run in English.

Tea and scones will be served. All welcome.

The discussions will be recorded and available as pod casts.

With the support of Uppsala University.
In collaboration with Folkuniversitetet and with support by Folkuniversitetsföreningen.
In collaboration with The English Bookshop Uppsala.

Producer: Paul Kessel